Colin Hudd

Where do we start? Head Honcho & creator of House Legends Colin Hudd has a career spanning back 45 years, always with his finger on the pulse. He is the DJ’s DJ.

Back in 86 when others were still listening to Soul, Colin was already championing a new sound. House music. A move that was open up a path of an unbelievable career. Colin went on to support U2 on the Zooropia tour with close friend Paul Oakenfold. Ministry,Pacha & The Olympic stadium are just some of the venues Colin has performed at. One of the originals from Flicks, a true purveyor of all things House.

Treat yourself to a whole back catalogue of mixes from Colin Hudd.

Brandon Block

Space terrace, The Brit awards, Clockwork Orange, Celebrity Big Brother, Caner of the year – We can associate Brandon with a lot more too but there’s one thing he will always be remembered for…..HOUSE.

How do you write about a DJ that really needs no introduction? Together with life long partner in crime Alex P, Brandon has been at the forefront of the house scene since the very early days of Space. Which is why he and Alex P rightly so were granted a set and the now infamous Space closing party last summer. The party of all parties.

Residences include Ministry, Kiss FM, Clockwork Orange, The Promised Land, and now House Legends. We couldn’t think of a name more apt. #Legend. Follow Brandon Block on Twitter.

Trevor Fung

Way back in 81 Trevor was starting out his journey after being given a slot at Flicks thanks to Colin Hudd.

The following years he player mentor to Paul Oakenfold and would pay some lad called Carl Cox £30 to warm up for him at his gigs. House (and dance music in general) really need to thank Trevor Fung for what he has brought to the table. FACT.

House Legend?…. Too F**king right!!

Read all about Trevor’s journey through dance music.

Nicky Holloway

If you haven’t heard the story……in 87 Nicky went out to Ibiza after Oakenfold said his mate (Trevor Fung) was working in a club called Amnesia. So a group of lads from London went to Ibiza to see what it was all about. A couple of little fella’s later and the world of rave was practically born.

Trip @ Astoria & The Milk Bar, both Nicky’s creations off the back of THAT Ibiza holiday. The very start of a culture movement. Nicky Holloway….We salute you!

The birth of rave‘ gives an excellent insight to how it all began for Nicky.

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