Payment FAQs

I’ve paid my deposit, now what?

You have the option to pay monthly payments, or your full balance. The monthly payments are there for your benefit and designed to help financially. Take advantage of the payment structure and book your flights as soon as you see a deal on your preferred airline! We will send you a booking confirmation form once we have received your deposit.

When do I need to pay by?

All balances need to be paid in full by 1st May 2017.

I can’t make it now, do I get a refund?

You are entitled to a refund up to 30 days from the date you make your deposit payment. Once that period expires, we are afraid that we cannot offer any refunds.

Travel FAQ’s

Are flights included in my package?

Flights are not included in your package price, and it will be up to you to arrange your own flights.

What airport should we fly to?

Corfu. No other airport is close to Corfu so ensure you do not select any other Greek airport (it’s about 3hrs flying time from UK to Corfu). Athens offer connecting flights to Corfu (Approx flying time is 1 hour).

Are transfers included in the package?

Yes they are. It is about a 1hr 20 mins drive from Corfu airport to our party destination! AS SOON as you have booked your flights , contact our team so we can book your transfers.

Entertainment FAQs

Do we have to pay for our events?

The only payable event is The  Voodoo Wave Boat Party (35 euros) on arrival at the welcome meeting. All other events are included in your package price.

How many events are there?

There are main events every night,  pre-parties and daytime entertainment every day. There will be a total of 8 events.

When we will know what events are on & where?

We will email you a full schedule before the event. You will have reps available daily telling you what’s on, plus you will have your lanyards that show who’s playing where.

I can’t make the full 4 days, can I still come along?

Yes, We will amend the price so that you are only paying for the days you are at the event(s).

I want to stay longer than 4 days, is that possible?

Yes, at a charge of £15 per person per night.

How much spending money will I need?

Kavos, compared to most other party destinations is cheap. Once you’ve landed, you will only need to pay to pay for food, drink and boat party, Everything else is included. Expect to pay 1 to 3 euros for a beer, and 3-5euros for a spirit and mixer. You will have the option for branded drinks, or the local drinks (and their generous measures).

What’s my accommodation like?

We have a number different apartments which act as our complex. All of our rooms are apartment style accommodation. Rooms are of 3* quality and in the heart of all the action. All accommodation is within walking distance of the day/night events.

Is it half board?

No – room only. There will be options to upgrade if you would like.

What is my discount Lanyard?

Your lanyard doubles up as your entry ticket to the events as well as a discount voucher. If you show this lanyard at selected bars and restaurants it will get you up to 50% off (making your stay even cheaper!)